A downloadable game for Android

SplitCube is a Free To Play mobile game, endless runner

Take Splitty to the end of his journey.
He is able to duplicate himself and thus carry out the missions he must complete!
But this SuperCube sees very badly, he needs you to continue on his way!

Play SplitCube and improve your performance with every game!

Credits : 

Game Designer : 
Martin DOUET : Linkedin / Portfolio / Itch.io
Anthony LECACHEUR : Linkedin / Portfolio / Itch.io
Hugo STREINGER : Linkedin  / Itch.io
Céline TOHIER : Linkedin / Portfolio / Itch.io

Game Play Programmers :
Geoffroy BORDENAVE : Linkedin
Julien CAGNONCLE : Linkedin
Joéva FOMBARON : Linkedin 
William LHERMITTE : Linkedin / Portfolio


F2P_2021_Splitcube_v1.0.0.apk 41 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download apk.
  2. Install it on Android phone.

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